PMI – spends more on Customer CARE (We CARE) than steel.


Speco Alloys Inc, have always believed that CUSTOMERS ARE REALLY EVERYTHING (We CARE), and core value of our company is to make our customers happy and satisfied. We are a staunch believer that one of very important aspect of our growth is directly parallel to the amount of satisfaction that a customer gets in return of the business that he has given to our company.

As a company we have to acknowledge the complexity of our business, and take the all-important step to make our self a part of it by embracing those complexities. But with the relentless commitment how we face situations and challenges in our customer relationship and turn them into customer experience gold

We as an organisation are committed to serve the global markets and to customers from every cornor and sectors. To achieve our vision of being global supplier we have our office working round the clock 365 days. With a no holiday policy for our customers, we have a dedicated special task force team working 24x7 to ensure our customers experience a hassle free and seamless service globally.